Hot Tub Accessories

To the hot tub, you may add the following accessories:

Poly-urethane insulation 50 mm

Polyurethane insulation for the hot tub 50 mm

Jacuzzi system (air) 8 jet nozzles

Jacuzzi system (air) 8 jet nozzles

LED – lighting

Blue LED lighting  |  Chromotherapy LED lighting, pneumatic swich, transformer
Blue LED lightChromotherapy LED light, pneumatic swich, transformer


Spruce  |  Thermally modified timber

Insulated cover (urethane 100, mm)

insulated cover urethane

Hot Tub Covers (Makrolon)

Hot Tub Cover (Makrolon)

Hot Tub Covers - PVC

Hot Tub Cover - PVC

Casing from thermally modified timber  

Casing from thermally modified timber

Drink racks

Drink racks 2pc (Koriks 1100 L / 1200 L / 1600 L / 2200 L / 2300 L)
Drink racks 1pc (Koriks 1000 L)

Plate for drink

Spark trap

Spark trap

Heat protection

heat protection



Hose 50 mm (Heaters) | Hose 32 mm (Hot Tubs)

Hose 50 mm (Heater) | Hose 32 mm (Hot Tube)

Discharge + 32 mm pipe 1000 mm

Trap + pipe 1000mm

Pine tar oil, Consumption: 5–10 m2/L

Tar oil, 1L consumption

Ash scoop

ash showel scoop

Chimney extension 1000mm

Chimney extension 1000mm

Mixing paddle

Mixing paddle

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