Koriks 1900 L Hot Tub

Koriks 1900 L hot tubs hold 1900 L of water and are intended for use for up to 8 people.
The hot tubs are made of 3 mm thick aluminum and covered with Line-X coating. This combination provides the hot tubs with a fine look and makes them extremely resistant to impacts and other potential damages. The coating is hygienic and easy to clean.

The hot tubs can be equipped with the following accessories of choice.
  • Aluminium tub (light grey)
  • 30 kW external heater (marine aluminium)
  • Various cabinets (wood/thermo wood/composite)
  • Hot tub covers (Makrolon/Urethane)
  • Bubble system
  • LED-light (white/color shifting)
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Plates for drinks etc.
Heating time: 5-38 ˚C/3.0 h

Click the link to find out hot tub dimensions

hot tub 1900 L
hot tub 1900 L
aluminium covered line-x coating bath hot tub colors

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